On Holidays

I used to love holidays. The decorations, the cooking, the endless guests and invitations. But then Helen was born.  Suddenly, we had our girl who couldn’t tolerate a change in routine or scenery.  So the decorations became minimal. We let go of guest lists and get-togethers.  Part of me was too tired to feel anything but relief. My happiest moment last Christmas was when the tree came down. It’s over. Finally.

But the other part of me was so disappointed. Life has to be more than moving one day to the next.  I wondered if I was letting us down. But one thing we’re learning is to find the lovely in unlovely places.

Maybe this is it: While important, maybe life isn’t so much about celebrating big moments as it is in seeing the moment right before you.  She can talk. He rides a bike. They play. Together.  Moments never guaranteed.

And there it is…the beauty of ordinary moments linked together to form one extraordinary life.


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