Building a Village

The whole “it takes a village to raise a child” thing becomes much more important when you have a child like Helen. Children who need so much, so much of the time.  But finding this village is another matter entirely.  Our exhaustion coupled with her limited social abilities have made this nearly impossible.  But we’re trying.

Alan and I got a chance for our first weekend away since Helen.  Then we had a special overnight trip with some extended family.  Both weekends were completely worth it.  But, despite everyone’s efforts, there was the inevitable tradeoff.  This time, it was sleep.  After two weeks, Helen was still not sleeping. This, of course, effects everything else and none of my go-to therapy tricks were working.  In a moment of desperation, I sent a quick noncommittal, we’re having a hard day email to a group of friends.

I have read their responses over and over.  Sweet messages of encouragement from ladies whose hands are busy and hearts are full with their own lives. And we made it through another day.

And, maybe, our village has begun.


One thought on “Building a Village

  1. I think of you guys often and always enjoy reading your blog. I know I’m not magician and don’t claim to have any special powers for sweet Helen but would love to be a part of the village you can call on for help with your beautiful little girl whom Jensen shares her birthday.

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