Life through the Lense (a peek at our week)


We started the week by sending Matthew camping with PapaBear.  Every time he walks out the door, a piece of my heart goes with him.


Two things about this: 1. When your body isn’t able to process how something feels, a coffee table becomes way more comfy than the couch.  2. Holding the tag inside her shirt is a huge source of comfort.  So, nearly everything has a tag.  If it doesn’t come with one, I use a ribbon and sew it on (the inside seam, left side, approximately 1/2 inch from the hem, looped tag preferred. Not that our entire life is dependent on details or anything…)


Besides the usual, Helen needs her own food, vitamins/supplements, daytime/swim diapers, therapy equipment, favorite loves and her own bedding.   This explains the following:

-Why “travel” probably means we’re going to our parents’ homes

-Why Alan and I have developed an unhealthy fear of the word vacation.


The science is that water provides continuous sensory input over most of  her body.  The art is that she feels at peace in the water.  Beautiful either way.


And finally, it you haven’t tried Blue Bell’s Magic Cookie Bar ice cream, you really should.  Right now.

We had a full week.  I’m a little glad it’s a new one.  How was yours?


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