Life through the Lense (a peek at our week)


This is the social story we used for a busy afternoon this week.  I drew this one…Matthew’s would have been much better.


This is shaving cream and fingerpaint. Ideally, Helen needs some kind of “sensory play” (different textures, scents, etc.) everyday.  If you think she kept this mess on the tray, I thank you for your very generous assumption.


I love when they find something to do together.  Typically, Helen’s legos are sorted by color and placed in a line prior to building.  Of course.


Lately. she’s been asking me to read to her.  Precious.

This week was way too full.  Our “recover from the trip” plans were derailed by visiting the Pediatrician two days in a row.  Ugh.  On the up side, we asked for help (and got it) from “Mrs.Bef”, a good friend.  And so it was OK.

Have a great weekend.


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