Why you really should go for it…


We bought our house over a decade ago. Since then, we’ve changed nearly every room in the house.  Our kitchen was the last hold-out.  I had big plans for that room, but caring for Helen trumped everything else and I really just ignored all of it.

At least, I tried.

But feeding Helen changed how I cooked and I spent more and more time with unreliable appliances, ugly cabinets and mountains of dirty dishes.  I stood crying at my kitchen sink in frustration…and guilt for feeling the way I did.


So, a few months ago we installed that dishwasher.  The new stove (that actually works all the time) came as a gift.  Alan put in a new faucet that made filling pots and washing pans so much easier.  I was honestly shocked at how much more efficient my kitchen had become.

But it was still ugly.


Then my baby sister and niece came up for “vacation”….and spent nearly every minute of it refinishing 40-year-old cabinets.  Some friends from church let us borrow tools.  My Dad came for a visit and  helped Alan install moulding.  A light from my bother, a herb garden from my sister-in-law, the just right fabric.  Canisters from my mom and so much listening from another sister.  And little by little that room has become something beautiful.


It seems like a little thing, a kitchen.  But it has become my happy place and it’s the first room I want to be in every morning.


Here’s the thing.  I would never recommend being rash or foolish.  But if you’re waiting for enough money or enough time or whatever it is that will make it just right, you’re probably going to be waiting forever.  If there is something your heart just won’t let go of…and there’s anything you can do about it, just go for it.  Really, you should.


And I’ll be wishing you the best.  From my kitchen, of course.



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