Life through the Lense (a peek at our week..weeks, actually)


I found this iPhone holder for Helen this week.  Why have I never seen one of these?!  She named him “Pinky”.  Of course.


This is Helen’s new sling.  Having to work overtime to keep up can cause Helen to fatigue easily.  Plus, she needs to be near me (very near me) sometimes. This fits in my purse and saves us both.


My sister is one of the (very) few people who can feed Helen with zero help from me.  It’s really hard to explain how much help this is.  She also takes the time to arrange the food in pictures, which Helen loves.  And, yes, this is the same sister who spent her “vacation” prepping, priming and painting cabinets.  I owe her forever.  And ever.


Matthew snapped this picture in the car.  Helen was headed to a playdate with a friend.  Did you read that?!
A play date with a friend.  


Helen can have trouble accomplishing tasks with multiple steps.  So I (finally) organized her room and made labels for her toy bins, hoping to help her be more independent.  She was excited to help and we talked extensively about sorting.  I finished hanging the last label only to find that Helen had already begun sorting.  By color.  Gaaaah.


Adding tags to some of Helen’s clothes…


With school starting soon, we’re bound to have some rough days.  We made a “cozy spot” in Helen’s closet so she can retreat as needed.  It has her bean bag, “pig” and a basket of quiet things (texture books, small toys, flashlights and a small fan from her Gram).  She loves it.


My family came in from Alabama for a few days.  Full house…full heart.  Miss them already.

Have a great weekend.



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