Back then…

The following is the very first thing I ever wrote about Helen’s struggles. We had just been told she was “suspect for Autism”, had “pervasive delays” and “likely had Sensory Processing Disorder”. We were also beginning our first trips to a Therapy Clinic.  I thought my heart would shatter in a thousand ways. My greatest goal then was to somehow find a way to know my little girl.  I was determined (and still am) that she would find her own way to “fly”.  What I never imagined is how the rest of us would do the same.  So, here’s to hope, hard work and never giving up:

We were outside one afternoon just after Helen had learned to run. She went back and forth across the yard, arms outstretched, smile lighting her face, blonde hair bouncing off her tiny shoulders. On one pass, she looked at me and called Look, mom, I fly-ing!

That’s my Helen…never content to run when she could fly.

But things are not always easy. We learned recently that sometimes the world moves faster than Helen can follow. It explains why she struggles to sleep, why play lands and Sunday School can overwhelm her, why the train’s whistle a mile away makes too “big a sound”. She started Occupational Therapy. We’ve already seen good things that promise even better things to come.

This is good, Because Helen will fly. You can pray for us all as we help make sure her wings are ready.



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