Life through the lense (a peek at our week)


Helen is putting away the clean silverware. Correctly.  And by herself.


Children like Helen sometimes notice details rather than the whole picture.  When Helen described grass (like she drew in her picture), she talked about all the small “stripes”.  I see the lawn, she sees the individual blades of grass.  Same world, different perspective.


We found these at Target and LOVE them. For kids who need textured things to work with, this is perfect.  They’re stiff like pipe cleaners, but soft like regular pom-poms.  Since sensory play happens everyday around this place, it was fun to find something new.


Matthew spends hours constructing intricate Lego cities.  Then he tears them down and starts over.  He’s such a fun mix of logic and creativity (like his Daddy).

We also started our Homeschool Co-op classes this week. I teach Helen’s class, so that helps, but she still had a great day!  We only used her headphones once, she participated in ALL the activities and the afternoon wasn’t a nightmare.  Of course, I upped our therapies, strategically placed her in line/tables/ carpet during class, packed the “right” snacks and had a calming afternoon planned. But still.  A good day.

We hope you have a great weekend!





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