Because love

Bonding with children like my Helen is something that is so near to my heart.  So near, in fact, that I can’t really write (or even talk) directly about it.  I will say that there is a deep ache that comes from loving a child so fiercely who is a stranger in many ways.

But this:

Helen loves her tags.  She almost always requires one and I often sew them onto her clothing.  She finds them on blankets, towels, even my shirts, then holds on tightly. They’re a big source of security and comfort.  The other night, she looked at me and said:

Momma, I’ll share my tags with you…if you share your tags with me.  Ok, momma?

And there we were…her saying I love you in a language she knows and me understanding.

Because love.

And yes, my precious girl, I will always share my tags with you (whether you can share or not).


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