Autism, Comic books and Neurodevelopment

We found two things this week that I’m very excited to try.

First, this comic.  The Face Value comics feature a hero with Autism.  The author (who is Autistic himself) was very intentional with the drawings, so the facial features of the characters clearly reflect their emotions, helping to eliminate confusion. Brilliant.  These were sold out by the time we found  them, so I can’t vouch for the content.  However, I’m in love with the concept.

And this: Little Giant Steps.  Jan Bedell is a mom of a child with special needs who took what she learned and turned it into a company to help other families.  Gotta love that.  Many of her ideas echo the Occupational Therapy that has worked best with Helen, so I’m excited to be trying them out.  They sell products and offer private consultation services, but there is also a lot of free information available on their site.  I borrowed the DVD Homeschooling Your Preschooler in 15 Minutes a Day from our library.  We’re focusing on the games to develop Auditory Processing.  Also, she suggests physical exercises that help with brain development.  We do similar activities as part of Helen’s OT work and have seen great results, so I’m excited to try this.

We hope something here is helpful to you, too.

Best Wishes-

Alan and Jennifer


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