Books that helped me understand my daughter (and myself)

These are the books I’ve read (and reread) over the last two years that I found to be the most helpful.

Homeschooling Children with Special Needs – Whether or not homeschooling is for your family, this book is a great resource.  She discusses “differences” vs “disability”, reviews all kinds of learning challenges and provides resources (and lots of them) for each.

I Believe in You – Rather than a practical how-to, this book tells the story of one mom and her daughter.  I started reading this and couldn’t put it down.  It taught me two things: I’m not crazy and I’m not alone.  I’ve read it many times.  You can also go here to check out her blog.

Raising a Sensory Smart Child – Written by a mom and the OT who helped her son, this book provides practical, everyday ideas for incorporating a sensory diet. It also explains SPD and how it can affect children.

We hope something here helps.

Best Wishes,

Alan & Jennifer


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