So maybe it’s not my fault…

Today has been a long day.  Our Epsom Salt miracle stopped working some time ago, so sleep has been too brief and too interrupted. This, of course, finds its way into everything else.  After a busy weekend, Helen woke up unable to eat and refusing to do much besides lie on the hard floor and watch TV.

Mama, I’m hungry.

So I fix another plate.  Then something else.  Still, she can’t eat.

Mama, I’m hungry.

I did all her brushing and joint compressions and finally coaxed her out onto her swing.  Then we spent an hour in the kiddie pool and another hour in the tub (all these things help her relax).  Finally, she ate something.  It’s 3:30 in the afternoon.


My immediate (and typical) response is to begin replaying the last several days.  Maybe we should add that therapy back in or take that one out.  I probably shouldn’t have let her go to the grocery store with me.  Maybe it’s because we stopped for gas..that wasn’t on the schedule.  If I could get to the store, maybe I could find something she could eat…

And on it goes.  Then I remembered something I read recently on another blog:

Just because this is hard, doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong.* 

It doesn’t.  Some things are just hard.  Today is one of them.

So, maybe, it isn’t my fault after all.


*from a post in Not the Former Things


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