Life through the Lense (a peek at our week):


We went on a field trip with our Homeschool group to the pet store.  Despite the noise, she really liked it.


The boys camped in the backyard.  Helen and I stayed inside with fluffy pillows and Netflix.  To each his own.


When this happens all the time, therapists blame “inefficient motor planning”.  I think that’s code for “frequent and / or mobile disasters”.


Guess what Helen drew all this week? Pictures of she and I “toogever”.


Surely and steadily, Matthew is working to teach Helen to write her name.  Good for him believing.


And this is some of the candy given to my children by our sweet neighbor.  I hid it in the freezer and ate it myself.  They don’t know.  I have no regrets.


Conversation with Helen (and why literal thinking matters):

Me: Helen, Momma loves you to pieces.

Helen: That’s sad.  Pieces means your heart is broken.

Me: Oh, no!  That’s just a silly way to say “I love you very much”.

Helen: Oh, ok.  Well, momma, then I love you to pieces.

And so, good week.

Happy Weekend Everyone.

Alan and Jennifer



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