The Right Color


Helen was watching cartoons.  In this one, crayons dance across the screen filling in a black and white picture with the right colors.  Green grass, blue sky and so on.  If the wrong color is used (say, a purple sun), the eraser dances along to remove it and replace it with the right color.

All was fine. Until it wasn’t.  The crayons made the rubber duck pink, then along came Mr. Eraser.  Because everyone knows that rubber ducks are yellow. Except Helen.  She began ranting at our television.

Do not erase that.  What are you doing?  Rubber duckies do not have to be yellow.  They can be red.  They can be blue.  Momma, the eraser is wrong.  Rubber duckies do NOT have to be yellow! They can be pink!

And I smiled.  I smiled for Helen and for everyone one of you that dances to the music of a different making.

And so.

Dear Helen,

You tell them sweetheart!  And go ahead and be whatever color you want.

I love you,





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