And then there was Helen….

I am Jennifer,  mom to two amazing people with the uncanny ability to make my heart overflow with happiness and drive me to madness, usually in the same afternoon.

I am married to Alan, whose company I prefer to anyone else.

First we had Matthew.  Raising our happy boy convinced us that parenting was primarily predictable and full of easily found happiness.

Then there was Helen.

From birth, she struggled to bond and faced numerous developmental delays.  Her first two years were mostly desperate, with just enough normal to convince us that nothing was seriously wrong.  By her second birthday, denial ceased to be an option.  We were faced with a child “suspect for Autism with global developmental delays”.  Introduced to the words “Sensory Processing Disorder”, we started an intensive 7-days-a-week therapy program. And so begin our pursuit of Helen.  We’ve been lucky.

This is our story.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”
― Confucius







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