I Already Am

I’ve successfully ignored the last 4 phone calls from my Dr.’s office, knowing their intention to schedule another visit.  My Doctor is an amazing, compassionate person, but I know what they’re going to say.

Excercise, Rest, Eat well, Build relationships…

What I wish I could explain is that I already am.

Excercise – We do. Music therapy, morning and afternoon. Brushing and joint compressions before bed. Mouth excercises to learn to eat. Fine motor, gross motor and on and on.

Rest – I do, until she wakes me up.  Again.

Eat well – Definitely. Counting every bite. Separate meals, special snacks. Never enough.

Build relationships – Helen, do you see this picture? That’s sad. Can you show me what sad looks like?  Helen, look at him. He’s talking to you.  Can I hug you?

So, I let the phone ring one more time.  And I go take care of my daughter.


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